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Extended Discography

Artist Project Label Role
New Language Give In Heavy Richard Mix / Master
Darenots Enter The Darenots Law Records Record / Mix / Master / Co-Produce
Northern Roads Hold On Independent Record / Mix / Produce
Zaya Won't Set On you Independent Record / Mix / Master / Produce
Forty Seven Teeth Emotional Support Independent Record / Mix / Master / Produce
In My Coma Next Life Independent Record
Darenots Strange Love, Vol.1 Law Records Record / Mix / Master / Co-Produce
Burudu feat. Myckee Zardin Zetwal (Garden of Stars)   Mix / Master
Motion Device Wide Awake Independent Record / Mix / Produce
The Divided Line Paramnesia   Record / Mix
Darenots Murda Whistle - Single Law Records Master
Northern Roads Take Your Time - EP Independent Record / Mix / Produce
  Iduna Counterpart Independent Record
Lydia Ainsworth Darling of the Afterglow Independent Record / Edit / Mix
  The Danger Bees Fish With Wings Independent Record / Mix / Produce
Havelin Alright, Alright, Okay Independent Record / Mix / Produce / Master
Six Side Die Schadenfreude Independent Record / Mix / Produce / Master
In This Alone In This Alone Independent Record / Mix / Produce / Master
Darenots The Now Is Truth Law Records Master
Sumo Cyco TBA Independent Master
Diemonds & Cancer Bats Juno Metally Underground Operations Record / Mix / Produce
Hundred Suns Fractional Independent Record / Edit / Mix
Rob Moir Adventure Handbook Underground Operations Record / Edit / Mix
Diemonds Never Wanna Die Underground Operations Record / Edit
Ginger Ale and The Monowhales Bang Independent Record
The Sole Pursuit Flower City After Dusk Independent Record
Diemonds Queen Of Obscene (Jap Bonus) Underground Operations Record / Mix / Produce
David Krystal All The Colours - EP Fat Angel Records Record / Edit
Anastasia A Pack Your Bags (Single) Record / Edit / Produce
Grim Logik Set The Stage Record / Mix / Produce
Nico & Vinz Black Star Elephant Warner Brothers Records Record
Ghostface Killah The Bakers Men Mix Tape Record
Mia Martina CP Records Record
Mirrelia The Actor EP Independent Mix
High 75 TBA Independent Mix
Moist Glory Under Dangerous Skies Universal Second Engineer
Cancer Bats Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones Distort Records Edit
Dead and Divine The Machines We Are Distort Records Edit
Redambergreen Christmas List (Single) Independent Record / Mix / Produce / Write
Diemonds Pre-Production Demos Underground Operations Record / Mix / Produce
Fefe Dobson & Yelawolf Legacy Klever Remix Interscope Records Record
Stereos Self Titled Universal Music Canada Assistant / Editor
The Honeyrunners EP II Independent Record / Mix / Produce
Anastasia A Something Inside You Independent Record / Produce
Alessandra Paonessa Remembering Heaven Independent Record / Mix / Produce
Lydia Ainsworth Right From Real Arbutus Records Record / Edit
Akarri EP Independent Mix
Ian Thornley Whisky Rocks Competition LCBO Assistant / Edit
Big Sugar Revolution Per Minute Fontana North Assistant
Holly Cole TBA Alert Music Assistant
Kathleen Edwards Voyageur Maple Music Assistant
Redambergreen No City Independent Record / Mix / Produce
No Assembly Required Mirrors & Smoke Independent Record / Mix / Produce
Bleeker Ridge   Roadrunner Editor
Steve Costello Vol. 1 Independent Record / Edit / Produce
Ninja Funk Orchestra Mix Tape Independent Record / Mix / Produce
Nancy This is Me Independent Record / Mix / Produce
Savage Peace Justice Independent Record / Edit
Shaman Ayerhart Hustle Independent Record / Mix / Produce
Remedy For Doubt As Moments Pass... Independent Record / Master
Farewell Cool Reason Panic Don't Panic Independent Record / Mix / Produce
The Howll EP Independent Record / Mix
Steve Costello EP Independent Record / Mix / Master
Daniel Mendez EP Independent Record / Mix / Master
Awaking State The Destruction Cycle Independent Record / Co-Mix / Co-Produce
The Suit TBA Independent Mix
Nafshenu & Shlomo Simcha Fusion Independent Record / Edit
Goddo They Pretty Bad Boys Return Independent Editor
Justin Sue Mix Tape Independent Record / Mix / Produce
Jahbez Divas Vs Gz Independent Mix
Jahbez Hands Down: The Best Around Independent Mix
Jahbez Fort Make Money Independent Mix
Barrymore Orchestral Film Score   Second Engineer
Carly-Jo Self Titled Fontana North Second Engineer
Gavin Davis Mix Tape Independent Record / Mix / Produce
Lyra EP Independent Record / Mix / Produce
David Krystal She Sings to Me fat angel records Record / Edit
David Krystal Live fat angel records Edit
David Krystal View from the inside fat angel records Edit
Diemonds The Bad Pack Underground Operations Edit
Garry Atkinson Lyrics Within Independent Record / Mix / Produce
Sarah Smith Stronger Now Independent Second Engineer
The Bird Sang Song Dustbowl Shimmer Independent Master
Vanessa Morgan You're The Best Record
Anna Gutmanis Glimmer In The Dark Mix
Little People Counting Songs Somerset Records Record
Njacko Backo Ou est l'amour (Where Is the Love) Record / Mix
Chanan Gans Wisdom of a Dream Mix
Richmond Switch You Can't Stop... Assistant
The Bird Sang Song Give This To My Children Master
Will Conquer EP Record / Mix / Produce
Fallon Bowman Tales From the Fourth Floor Record / Mix / Produce
Peter McCutcheon Longing Pandyamonium Edit
Scratch Mix Tape Assistant
Skull Fist Head of The Pack Noise Art Assistant
The Getaway Plan Requiem UNFD Assistant
Dischord Casualties of War Diminished Fifth Records Edit
Hello Beautiful I Wanna Die Like This! Edit
Chantel Upshaw True Tales from Vandaluse Assistant
The Luke Mulholland Band Self Titled Assistant
Kush Streams of Consciousness Vol.2 Record
Roger Hodgson Classics Live RH Assistant
Sarah Slean Land & Sea Pheromone Recordings Assistant
Burning The Day Blacklisted Cryptic Records Edit
Jim McCarty Sitting on the Top of Time Easy Action Assistant
Kilroy Was Here Come To The Parade EP Record / Mix / Produce
The Change Roll Yer' Tongue Record / Mix / Produce
The Dirty Love Band EP Record / Mix / Produce
The Yage Letters Hieroglyphics Master
Garry Atkinson Lyrics Aside Record / Mix / Produce

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