Dajaun has over a decade of expirience writing songs. He writes both topline and music. With his expirience he can sit down and write with you from scratch or just help you work through difficulties, finess and finalize your songs.



Dajaun Produces records in the traditional sense, budgeting, booking studios, hiring session musicians. He has a network of writers, musicians and beat makers which will be at your disposal for your projects. His project management skills will help you make sure your projects come in on time and on budget.


Programming and Beat Making

Dajaun's training in classical music means he has a very different approach to beat making. He uses every aspect of his writing and arranging expirience to create compositions that highlight the artist and their message. Every note is placed with the intent of making sure that your voice and your message comes through with the strongest emotional impact.



Enjoy Dajaun's sound? He also offers mixing services world wide. Send your stems and have them mixed by Dajaun using his unique collection of vintage and modern gear. He'll give your production every bit of attention and detail that he puts into his own productions.