Canadian artist and songwriter Kalli Lang utilises music as a medium to have playful and socially-conscious discussions on subjects ranging from loss and mental health, to systemic failure and the need for compassion.

As a queer, asian femme born into poverty to North Vietnamese war refugees in Canada, she found not only a lack of representation of artists in music who reflect her experience, but also challenges in being represented. Her goal is to bring her passion into the world and inspire the future of young artists like her to pursue their dreams and make a difference.

Collaborating with Canadian artists such as Shania Twain and Cole Rolland as a performer makes her confident a diverse future is underway, and she is thrilled to be a part of it.

With tongue-in-cheek playfulness, Kalli sings vulnerably about the grief over the lo

ss of her father; her struggles with her diagnoses of chronic Lupus, ADHD, GAD; poverty; queerness, and important social issues.

Kalli’s lifetime with music began at the age of 13, when her cousin gifted her a cheap, hand-me-down acoustic guitar from a flea market. She immediately took to the streets of downtown Toronto, busking and writing songs inspired by her desire for change. Once she was familiar with the streets, she made her way onto stages of notable Toronto venues such as Lee’s Palace, Horseshoe Tavern and Bovine Sex Club.

Kalli is actively working with gold-certified and multi Juno-nominated producer Dajaun Martineau on her exciting pop debut.